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counselling for couples in Peterborough

Professional counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor in Scunthorpe

Couples counselling is also known as relationship counselling. People come for couples counselling because speaking to a professional can be a helpful step forward in addressing problem areas within your relationship.


My role as a couples counsellor is to facilitate change and help you to find a more effective way of communicating with each other. This could include learning how to begin to really listen to the other person clearly, learn why arguments begin and also why some repeatedly emerge, learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts between you, learn about the past and recognise how it can affect the present and to also get a better understanding of family values, lifestyles, cultures and how they impact on our relationships.


Sometimes couples come to counselling because one of them have decided to end the relationship. Therefore the counselling sessions can offer a space for this to be explored and can help to encourage / facilitate healthy communication between the couple as they go through a difficult process of ending their relationship.


Issues that may bring couples to counselling;

  • Trust issues

  • Betrayal or affairs

  • Financial issues

  • Poor Communication

  • Jealousy

  • Family Conflicts

  • Work Related Stress

  • Different sexual needs / issues

  • Abusive / controlling behaviour

  • Different goals and values

  • Different parenting styles

  • Life changes

Please contact Anita Campbell in Scunthorpe

to find out more about psychotherapy and counselling and how it can help you.


                                   Call on:

                             01724 345 589

                             07742 670 919

                         Alternatively, email:


The fee for couples counselling is £60 per hour. Some concessions are available upon request

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment otherwise the full session fee will be charged.

Contact Anita Campbell in Peterborough to book a confidential appointment or for more information.

UK Council for Psychotherapy
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